Contemporary dance performance FEST explores one’s vulnerability in relation to the homeland. Dance artists Marje Hirvonen and Nella Turkki explore in their choreography the embodied experience of traditions and memories of this “fathers´ land.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate humanity and its vulnerability, to celebrate the home country, which does not belong to anyone, which is a utopia, spaceless and timeless. A home that is constantly changing, never tied neither to a place nor a time.”

In this current global situation in which nationalism is rising up in shivering ways, FEST focuses on the theme of homeland by embracing openness, community and romantic nostalgia. It invites everyone regardless of age and background to join the celebration, and create a utopia of homeland together! After the performance there will be an open discussion and a space to party with the music of a surprise band!

Language Finnish and English
Duration 3 hours in total, performance 50 min

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