Do you seek more confidence for presentations? How to interact in a group and learn group working? Are you interested in learning creatives ways for problem solving? How to talk about hard issues like bullying with creative ways? 


The workshops using applied theatre, puppetry and dance improvisation tools can be formed for different groups and to serve different social purposes in the community. They offer joyful and fun tools for problem solving and improving the ambience in the group. In all of these exercises the purpose is in social benefits. This is why the workshops are suitable for both people without previous experience in theatre or performing arts as well as for the those with some experience init. The workshops can be made for working groups or organised groups. 


The workshops can also be arranged in schools, youth centres and orphanages. Creative ways of puppetry, dance and applied theatre offer fun and interactive ways for talking about different themes like school bullying, racism and group environment.

The average age of the participants and their special needs will always be taken into consideration when constructing the course. 

To have an example of how tools of puppetry and applied theatre can be used in the children group, please check out the PopOrNot?! – project. 

The course can also be formed for people, who are interested in exploring how they could apply creative tools in their work in group leading, teaching or brainstorming. 

To find out more about the course please contact Nella Turkki. 

Performing Artists

These workshops are for professional/advanced performers, who want to use dance- and theatre improvisation, physical theatre or object manipulation (puppetry) in their works in order to find new perspectives. Always considering the needs and interests of the certain group, the focus can be on performance projects offering tools for creation process, or as a workshop offering exercises for participant’s daily training. 

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